Another Fun Kitchen Tool for Paleo Living

A colleague emailed me the other day to share a fun discovery he’d made for a handy kitchen tool to make ‘noodles’.  I almost hesitate to call them that, for fear that someone might read a recipe and think I’m suggesting a Paleo-ish version of pasta made with almond flour. I’m not. Rather, I’m writing about a tool that ‘spiral’ cuts the veggies into noodle- like shapes. One example, the one my colleague uses, is called a “Quality Spiral Slicer” from Super Swizz.  Pretty catchy, eh? It is a fun tool, I must say.  Being someone who’s always interested in the newest (or perhaps I should say, new to me) kitchen toy, it’s something I think would be one alternative to fill the void for anyone who is missed food of a certain shape and who may not be into the idea of using a bed of leafy greens to sop up the jus from a roast chicken (in place of mashed potatoes) or the curry from a coconut-lamb dish (instead of a bed of Basmati). Give it a try- it’s only $20!