When Life Gives You Lemons…

A client of mine, who has a lovely lemon tree outside her window, gave me a gift- a HUGE LEMON that we'd been coveting every time I'm at her house!

She picked it and gave it to me, and it is, indeed, the biggest lemon I've ever seen (shown next to a tablespoon for reference…)

In keeping with my theme of Farmer's Market Finds over the past few days, I thought it fitting to write about this gorgeous giant!


So, what does one do with a giant lemon?

Lots of options!

  • Squeeze some in your water
  • Spritz some on your salad 
  • Use some juice in boiling water to poach an egg
  • Cut into thick slices and grill with your squash and onions on your barbeque
  • Halve, cover with cheesecloth and use in your soup in addition to your bouquet garnis
  • Drizzle over fresh berries for a bit of tartness
  • Scrap the rind out and use as a garnish
  • Use a leftover peel to rid your hands of the garlic odor after cooking
  • Replace for vinegar in nearly every recipe you want to Paleo-ize

The list goes on!