Another Great Way to Prepare Eggplant- As A Puree

As long as you're not following an Auto Immune Diet, Eggplant is a great part of a Paleolithic Diet.

Today, I prepared them as followed, to accompany Halibut Steaks:

-Half eggplants, score the cut side and lightly pepper them, then place, cut side down in a flat baking pan with a 1/2 " of water.  Cook 30' @ 350F.  Remove and let cool.

-Combine fresh Tarragon, Shallots, 1 Seeded Jalapeno and some fresh lime juice with olive oil and process til smooth in a food processor.

-Pat Dry Halibut Steaks and lightly pepper; broil for 10' til done and remove from oven; set aside with foil tent for 5'.

-Meanwhile, give a bunch of asparagus a quick steam…now you're ready to plate everything!

Spoon some eggplant puree on each plate, followed by a piece of fish.  Fashion the asparagus spears around the steak and top with a touch more puree and some freshly chopped tomato- such a lovely presentation and quite tasty, too!