Another Paleo Amuse Bouche- Made From Leftovers!


I always like to start a dinner party with an Amuse Bouche- (a little morsel to start  - literally ONE bite).   Yes, you can spend hours prepping a more elaborate little taste, BUT you can also make it really simple and work with what you have.

As the main course for last night's dinner, I served Sea Bass on a bed of kale & chard in a tomato, onion, basil and thyme sauce.  Since I was having fish as the main, I knew I wanted to stick with seafood as the starter.

I had a lovely piece of leftover wild salmon from the extra I'd made for lunch.  A slice of tomato, a basil leaf, a small piece of fresh peach and a sprinkle of freshly ground pepper along with one tiny bite of salmon piled neatly into a little 'Napoleon', if you will, and fit all into one nice little mouthful.

And it took about three minutes to make!