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A little more about the magazine and this month's pieces…

Explore the Arctic ecosystem with scientists from Polar Bears International and award-winning wildlife photographer Daniel J. Cox.

Learn the secrets behind the magic of BBC's hit series Merlin in our special effects feature with visual experts The Mill.

Read an excerpt on the origins of human life from Martin Meredith's new book Born in Africa. Take the journey with filmmaker Peter Rodger to discover 'What God means to people Around the World' in The OMG Chronicles, plus much more….

Celebrating our 21st issue of Bare Essentials magazine with a photographic special, filled with visual inspiration this edition is an ode to discovery and diversity, adventure and the artist. Join award-winning wildlife photographer Daniel J. Cox as he accompanies scientists from Polar Bears International to explore the Arctic ecosystem — what they find will amaze you!
Free to Roam, Free to Read…

And a note from the editor, Inga Yandell
Sharing the wisdoms and wonder of these ice breaking explorers with our readers the issue is completely free. We believe in the freedom to roam and the freedom to read — there is power in knowledge and the passion of these dedicated people will move you. Connecting people to a cause by sharing their stories is our goal, please enjoy, be inspired, get involved and pass it on!