Are Olives Paleo?

Most, unfortunately, are cured in high amounts of sodium and as such, are not in keeping with the Paleo guidelines.

However, if you use an uncured olive, which is literally, just the olive, you can incorporate them easily into Paleo cooking.  

Raw olives are rarely palatable eaten right off of the tree; they require special processing to reduce their bitter flavor, so if you’re in an area where there are olive trees all about, I’m not necessary suggesting you just gather and eat.

There are a few online sources that sell fair trade, organic uncured olives, which I would recommend.


For example, the Peruvian sun-dried option offers an even richer, and more concentrated flavor, so make sure you err on the side of using less rather than swapping out for even portions of the canned type.

It’s a fun pantry item to keep on hand in your Paleo Pantry!

Check out this recipe for Paleo Poulet Provencal just in time for Bastille Day, using uncured olives!