Coffee, Wine and…Strawberries?

I’ve always been candid about the fact that I’m quite happy to partake of the Paleo-friendly black espresso, as well as a glass of Cab (not together).

What I do not love is the appearance of my teeth afterward.   I have good teeth, excellent dental hygiene and being able to smile a wide toothy grin to show my white teeth is usually a non issue.  However, add a cuppa or a glass of vino and my otherwise pearly whites look a bit, well, witch – like.

Of course, if I’ve had an espresso at home in the morning, it’s an easy fix by simply brushing the teeth again before I leave.  But what to do if you’re at a coffee meeting or having a glass of red wine out at dinner?

Strawberries to the rescue.

I found out about this little trivia tidbit ages ago and it has proven useful, time and time again.

Strawberries contain malic acid which can actually whiten your teeth.

Please note:  I am not suggesting you ditch the toothbrush and toothpaste in favor of just eating strawberries after each meal, as it would both be too harsh on the teeth and not clean them properly!

However, for purposes of not feeling as though you’ve got to hide your smile after you’ve had a glass of wine, they sure come in handy!