Choosing Your Cuts

Feeling confused as to which grass fed cut you should order when you're at your local butcher, or ordering online, perhaps from Rocky Mountain Cuts ?

Here are the very basics of some of the options:

Filet Mignon - From the tenderloin, tender, expensive


Porterhouse/T-Bone/Strip – The short loin can be cut into two steaks, the T Bone and the porterhouse. Fattier, less pricey.

Flank – from the belly of the cow, tougher and rich in flavor.

Rib Eye – flavorful, rich, better prepared via dry heat

Chuck Eye Steak – from the shoulder, gristle, fatty, bone-in, less expensive cut

So which one is best?

ALL OF THEM!  The more variety the better.  Most important is the source, and that whatever cut you choose is USDA Organic and grass fed!