What To Do When Your Paleo DISH Goes WRONG!

You're expecting your guests at 7PM for a nice glass of wine before dinner.  You've set the table, lit the candles and set out the menu.

It's 6:30.

The braised pork tenderloin you're going to serve has been in the oven at a low temp for a few hours and should just about be ready, and rested, in order to plate for the guests to dine at about 8PM.

You check the oven…and realize you've never turned it on!


Don't worry- I've done it, too.  In fact, I did it just the other day!  Being a virgo, and an over achiever and a TYPE A personality, I'm often guilty of doing too many  things simultaneosly, and even now and then, something's got to give!

What to do?

  • Breathe.
  • Assess the situation and come up with a Plan B.

Here's what I did.

Picture #1 illustrates the raw chicken that should've been well roasted by the time I looked at it:

Yes, I had a moment… but quickly moved on and decided to turn what would've been Homewood Chicken from my cookbook into.. well, something which didn't have a name yet!

I took out the chicken and threw it in a pot with some olive oil over medium heat, added a bit of white wine and began to cook it.

I then decided to shred it with two forks to further expedite the process:


Finally, when I realized all was saved, I steamed some veg, arranged some chicken on top along with some other bits, and, (phew!) no one ever knew that the meal was NOT the orginally planned one!

In the event this should happen to you, try not to have an attack; rather see it as an opportunity to challenge your own mad cooking skills.  What the heck, pretend you're on Top Chef, but with 'immunity' from being eliminated in this unplanned quick fire challenge!