Freeze Your Nuts

Don’t be cheeky, now!  I’m referring to a way to keep those walnuts, macadamias and Brazil nuts at their freshest!

Because of their high fat content, nuts kept in the freezer can be eaten in that state.  They won’t freeze into a rock-solid piece of ice the way a piece of lean chicken or veggies would.

Rather than following the budget friendly strategy of buying in bulk, only to find that two pound bag of organic raw walnuts still sitting in your cupboard two months later and not tasting so great, keeping them in the freezer proves to be cost-effective too, as nothing will spoil and go to waste.

While you’re at it, rinse, then freeze some organic grapes or a sliced banana.  Paired with a handful of macadamias and topped with a dash of cinnamon and ginger, this makes an incredibly decadent ‘something sweet’ way to finish a meal , far more representative of True Paleo than any bar or ‘treat’.

Zero processing and loads of flavor!