Tonight In West Hollywood…A Very Paleo Soho House

Paleo restaurants, or at least restaurants who are offering Paleo options are starting to enter the public eye, if only just  a little. And this is fantastic!   I’ve thought for a long time that it would make a great deal of sense to have a “P” on a menu, just like we now regularly see a “V” to indicate vegan or a “GF” to confirm no gluten. Another such step in the right direction is the example of restaurants that offer a special event featuring Paleo cuisine. About a month ago, I had the opportunity to give a Paleo chat at Soho House NYC, and it was fantastic!  The chef and I reviewed which menu options would be most easy to prepare Paleo style (and there were a lot) and the members enjoyed a tasting menu ranging from salads, to charred veggies, grass fed meat and wild fish. The courses kept coming as I gave my talk on how easy it is to implement this health manner of eating and moving into one’s daily regime, and guests asked their questions between bites. This type of setting is so conducive to demonstrate what True Paleo really is, as well as to show what it’s not.  It’s not a meat-only diet, it’s not just for men and it’s not only for any certain type of demographic, actually.  It’s suitable for all humans! Apart from that, when Paleo cuisine is properly prepared, it’s appealing to anyone who simply likes food. I’ve dined on many occasions with friends who couldn’t give a hoot about whether or not something was healthy, or grass fed or wild or anything other that whether or not it was an overall dining experience, from start to finish. The takeaway is always the same.  A dinner consisting of a wild greens salad  and avocado with a lemon basil dressing, followed by sun dried tomato stuffed grass fed tenderloin roast with roasted broccoli and glass of Cab is hardly going to feel like the food one would eat on a traditional diet in the most commonly used sense of the word. Eating real, fresh, local seasonal food is so what it’s all about and every time there’s an opportunity for a restaurant to give it a try, it’s another step in the right direction. Looking forward to another great event this evening, at the West Hollywood Soho House meet Paleoista. Better bring my appetite!