Mise En Place- A Paleo Time Saver

One of the most practical things I learned in culinary school is implementing the term 'Mise En Place"; literally 'putting in place'.  

In other words, getting every little prep portion done before you actually cook.  Chop ALL the onions, dice all the garlic, press ALL the ginger, cut ALL the kale (of course- had to bring up kale, again : ) and use the meat tenderizer tool to pound ALL the lean bison steak. 

This saves a load of time, and keeps you from retracing your steps in the kitchen when you're spending your alloted 60 minute, twice weekly prep sessions that we all do (don't we?) to keep our refrigerators stocked full with fresh, Paleo foods that are ready to eat in a second's notice.

A nice little side benefit- it's a great way to teach little Paleo eaters (i.e. your kids!) the basics of learning to cook!

A perfect time for family bonding… followed by a nice sit-down dinner.

By the way, did you know there is a huge correlation with families that eat together having a much lower rate of obesity?

Hmmm…. pass the kale, mom!