How are those Resolutions Going??

We’re three days in to the New Year and I’m curious about how many of you have already let your ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ fall by the wayside…

I overheard someone at the gym the other day tell her friend, after twenty minutes on the treadmill, “OK, that was definitely worth one cookie!”.

What is wrong with this picture??

The answer to that is quite straightforward- you cannot make big changes in your life based on a random date, even if that date happens to be January 1. Changing one’s diet, adding exercise, decreasing alcohol consumption are all very admirable and healthy goals. Whatever it is that we eat too much of, or drink too much of, or don’t do enough of, we do for specific reasons. Quite often these are habits that we’ve developed over the course of our lifetimes and as such, are hard habits to break. Because of that, we have to be truly ready to address them and that time does not necessary come on New Year’s Day!

Instead of falling back on your same old resolutions, why not try something new this year? No, it’s not too late just because it’s January 3rd! Set a FUN fitness goal for a change! Make it something that has nothing to do with the fact that you want to lose those extra holiday pounds you put on. Or how about adding a new veggie each week to your diet and focusing on learning to prepare something new, instead of swearing you’ll never eat chocolate again!?

This is certainly not to say that you should forget the important changes you want to make to your lifestyle, just that these big changes need to be made when one is ready to address the issues that go along with the behaviors, and it does not have to be when the clock strikes 12 on December 31st!