Bacon and a Date

No doubt, there’s definitely a huge bacon following in the Paleosphere.  

A rich, tasty piece of uncured, pastured bacon can transform an otherwise bland turkey breast into a decadent delight and it can also do wonders…in a dessert.

Last week, I wrote about a shoppe I’d read about in New York who features bacon in all their products, which made me think about a passed Hors d’oeuvre that I’ve seen served many a time, in many permutations, some of which are Paleo and some.. not so much.

Personally, I find the sweetness of a dried date, balanced by the savory nature of the pork and a nice finish of fleur de sel, oven baked and served warm, to be the perfect accompaniment to a cup of fresh berries on a chilly winter night for the occasional treat.

To clarify, yes, I realize I said chilly winter night in the same context, and here in LA, we are able to procure local, organic strawberries much of the year in our cold (ok, 50 degree) winter weather.

Bake up a batch for your next dinner party and watch everyone’s eyes roll backward!

Click here for the easy recipe!