Better Than A Cuppa…

We’re all on our laptops these days, and depending on the industry we work in, for some, myself included, we can be quite mobile.

As someone who needs a change of scene and who prefers not to be stuck to the screen too long, I tend to enjoy working from several of the fine local coffee shops.

With stand up stables to meet my dislike of sitting, good selection of teas to choose from and often, an environment of other people working along quietly, it lends itself to being a very productive place to be.

Being a fan of my own version of bullet proof coffee (I like to make it with MCT oil and coconut butter, rather than dairy butter) makes working on any given writing project or client plan at a coffee shop doubly inviting as I can simply bring along my healthy fats and easily stir it in. Granted, that’s not the official recipe, but I’m not quite at the point where I want to begin brining my handheld immersion blender to Peet’s.

But the other day, after I’d taken a respite from a morning of writing to catch a noon yoga class, I felt sharp and focused, and ready to write… and not remotely interested in another tea.

(For me, a coffee in the afternoon is a bad idea; I’ve learned the hard way it’ll keep me up at night!).

It was still a few hours before I’d planned on dinner and I wasn’t yet hungry enough to have something to eat.

Where would I park it for a couple of hours?

I couldn’t exactly work inside a café without buying anything.

I opted to get a few errands out of the way, one of which was to stop at our local butcher.

And what a brilliant idea that was!

Bel Campo, which we’re fortunate to have access to, less than 5 miles from home, focuses on local, humanely sourced proteins. They also make their own bone broth which you can buy by the quart, frozen.
And they sell it by the cup.

Holy cow! Pardon the pun. You can stop in and buy a piping hot cup of it, made from a combination of bones from grass fed meat, pasture raised pork and chicken and add accouterments such as cilantro and cayenne.

I’ve partaken of this nectar before, and have recommended it to many local clients and friends.

But what was new to me this time something beyond brilliant: I saw in their prepared food case something called lard butter.

Upon inquiry, I learned it was actually whipped lard from pasture-raised pigs, with some spices mixed in.

I took a little taste of it, straight up and it was unreal.

I purchased some to take home for cooking but not before stirring a spoonful into my broth, creating the perfectly rich, hot drink to tide me over until dinner.

And as luck would have it, there just happened to be a couple of empty tables in their café where I could knock off a few more hours of work before calling it quits for the day.

As part of your process of becoming more fat adapted, a cup of bone broth like this, quite similar to the BP Coffee idea, but sans the caffeine for later in the day is savory, delicious and nourishing.

When in Santa Monica, you must go!

Not near a Bel Campo?

Not to worry; I’m beginning to see it served in other venues, too!

Alternatively, you can create this delicious concoction by making bone broth at home and adding a dollop of any type of fat, from rendered duck fat, to pasture raised lard to coconut oil.

With the New Year already beginning its third week, many people are already falling off their resolutions to lose that fat this year, once and for all.

Don’t make the mistake of doing the same old thing that doesn’t work (the low fat, high carb nonsense).

Up the variety of good fats.

Cut the sugars.
Get fat adapted and get lean!

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