“Burn Off Your Indulgences”?

Could be me, but something sounds wrong with that statement.   It sounds punitive.  As in, "you've done something wrong, and now you have to do something to make up for it."

What was the 'wrong' in the first place?  Did you eat a giant bowl of ice cream, knowing full well that your skin would break out and your head would be congested from all that dairy?  Or, perhaps you had a nice, glutinous pizza with soy cheeze, despite the likelihood that you'd wake up the next day with a bloated belly in full effect and a headache from all the grains?

What if there were 'treats', or even 'indulgences' of which you could partake WITHOUT any negative side effects?

Well, guess what?  There ARE!

Have you tried my Paleo Truffle Recipe?

Or how about, as in yesterday's post, grilled peaches?

Perhaps some homemade coconut, pineapple sorbet?


You can have some, once in a while, and not sabotage your Paleo efforts or harm your body.

So, put down the cake, stop eating junk that you KNOW is going to make you feel awful, and go for a PALEO friendly little bit of decadence!