What Foods Help Fight Inflammation?

A reader recently send an inquiry asking about which foods in particular would be indicated to fight inflammation.

The answer?

ALL of the Paleo foods when following a proper Paleo diet will collectively fight inflammation.

Since foods that cause inflammation are not part of the paleo diet, including grains, legumes and dairy, by eating the way we as humans we were meant to eat, we naturally set ourselves up to  have a body that is at it's proper pH and NOT INFLAMMED!

Beyond that, there are certain things one can do in times when a little extra help is needed, for example when one is fighting off a cold or flu bug.

The spice turmeric, for example, has natural anti-inflammatory properties, as does oil of oregano.  

A couple of other thing to keep in mind, which are hopefully no-brainers, are to be sure and keep hydrated (I recently read a study which supported the idea of drinking 1 ounce per pound of body weight minimum in order to prevent dehydration) and to get enough sleep.  I cannot stress how important these two factors are in promoting overall health!

Generally speaking, though, just keeping your Paleo diet balanced (and then, by default) alkaline, you're doing yourself a huge favor by keeping your body in it's most favorable state, which aids in keeping any potential inflammatory-causing culprits at bay.