How Important Are Bananas?

Nell – Maybe sometime write a post on bananas? Some people think they're absolutely indespensable just before a workout, some people think they should be avoided. I'm fairly agnostic about them. I like the taste, generally, but I don't think they rock my athletic performance world, neither pre, during or post workout…


I love the referral to being 'agnostic' about bananas!  I must say, I've never heard that before, nor have I been asked about how important they are to an athlete's diet.  

Personally, I love a super-ripe, speckled banana right after a run, as is, or mixed into a Homebrew shake. I do find them too sugary to have as a snack outside of pre or post workout.  As we all know, they're a great source of Potassium (though cantaloupe actually has more), and their high glycemic index is what makes them so suitable for fueling for endurance training.  They're also high in B6 and are indicated for use in helping prevent ulcers, cure bouts of diarrhea and supporting bone health via their fructooligosaccharides (a 'pre-biotic' content, which, when fermented, increases favorable bacteria, along with the body's ability to absorb calcium.

On the flip side, an endurance athlete can certainly fuel themselves with other options.  As my readers know, I always opt for yams as fuel for the longer sessions, and other higher glycemic fruit, like pineapple, would also suit for recovery food.

So, I wouldn't say one HAS to eat bananas, but I do feel they have an important part in a Paleo Athlete's Diet!