Can Chips and Dips Be Healthy?

Maybe so, but not in the way Consumer Reports recently presented them.   

Rather unfortunate, as many rely on this publication to get into the nitty-gritty of what any given product really has to offer, it’s pros and cons, whether or not something is fairly priced and if it’s a must-have or a must-skip.

True, certain brands have slightly less offensive versions than a hydrogenated potato chip, but still, a batch of dehydrated or baked, sliced beets, yam and taro, salted and tossed in canola oil does not quite count as a serving of veggies.  Sorry, guys… 

After their wrap of and review of a couple ‘healthy’ chips, there are some recipes for dips featuring sour cream and Neufchatel

Can’t we just call a spade a spade?  If  the choice is made to eat chips and dip, what’s the use in pretending it’s a healthy snack?  I don’t think mind over matter works in this instance…

Missing that crunch?  Stick a carrot in some guac- now, that’s what I’d call a healthy option!

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