Chewy Meat?

Wondering why that ‘stew’ meat you bought turned out so chewy?  

It’s not as though you bought cheap meat, in which case you might expect it to be a little on the tough side.  After all, you made the effort to be sure it was 100% grass fed and, since you were making kabobs, you assumed the meat in the butcher case that was already cut into cubes would be the best bet, right?

Not so fast.  

‘Stew’ meat, often cut from bottom round, chuck, brisket, rib, or extra strips of odd shapes from other cuts, it meant just for that- stewing.  Cooking in a dutch oven at a lower heat for hours which will serve to tenderize it, in other words.

Not meant for kabobs which will likely be broiled or grilled for a mere matter of minutes.

Next time, keep in mind that you can’t go wrong with sirloin or tenderloin for a much more delicate and palatable texture.   Sharpen up your Santuko and spend the extra few minutes to cube it yourself.   You’ll end up with even cubes and a much more favorable end product.