Today’s Healthy Holiday Tip

It's Christmas Day!

There are two really familiar scenarios that clients ask me about for a day like today.  It seems many people either:

A) Starve all morning long in order to 'save room' and gorge on Christmas Dinner!

B) Wake up with a 'heck with it' mentality and stuff themselves all day long.

Which is the way to go?  Neither!

Wake up with the kids, have a healthy breakfast of scrambled egg whites, spinach, tomato & avocado with some fresh fruit on the side.  Go for a family walk after presents and then keep the fire burning by keeping on top of your healthy snacks like fresh veg, fruit and some sliced turkey or grilled leftover salmon.

When your lovely dinner rolls around, you'll be just a bit hungry, NOT starving, and therefore be able to soundly judge your meal and portion sizes.

Use your knowledge wisely to plan out any small splurge that you might want to incorporate today; think balance, and enjoy yourself!

Merry Christmas!