Please Just Plan

I had dinner with a friend the other day and he commented that he hardly ever has time to eat and never has time to cook.  He works long hours and tried to find a ten minute window at some point during the middle of the day to inhale some chow, and then does the same thing again at the end of the day.

He said he simply does not have time to cook.

I asked if he would like to cook, if he did have the time.

Turns out, he’d love to!  He told me that he was the only one in his whole family (lots of siblings) who used to help his grandmother cook when he was little.

Unfortunately, this scenario is all too common; many people feel they do not have time to cook healthy food for themselves (kind of like the same reason for not moving their bodies).  

Other things that are deemed priorities take center stage and get done; demands from work, family and kids, but nourishing one’s self and loved ones somehow falls by the wayside and is clearly not a priority to so many people.

I think that’s backwards.

How is what goes into your body, and the inevitable positive or negative consequences that result, depending on whether you ate food or non-food, not a priority?

Did you know that the average American watches 34 hours of TV per week?  As in five hours per day?  And there is no time to find two hours over the course of an entire week to steam a bunch of veggies, bake some fish and chicken and wash some fruit so you can pick and choose healthy, Paleo options to eat at home, or pack to go in a minute’s time?

How important is how well you are treating your body to you?

Perhaps you’d rather starve, gorge on junk, get fat and diabetic, have peaks and valleys rather than steady energy levels throughout the day, and create a situation where your body begins to break down prematurely, and then fill prescription after prescription to try and fix the damage?

I’d rather approach it proactively by the simple act of eating real, Paleo food and moving my body.

It’s not very hard to make such a simple choice; and I honestly can’t see any downside to allocating such a small amount of time to your own health and well being.