“PALEO” When It’s Not “PALEO”?

I have a HUGE (marrow) bone to pick with this topic. It drives me completely mad!  

Seeing products sold as "Paleo" that are not Paleo (like the Paleo Bars I blogged about last week) or people teaching Paleo eating that is not Paleo eating (I worked with a client who recalled her experience with 'Paleo" as instructed by a noted professional nutritional counselor…who had her eating grains and soy), not only does a disservice to the particular individual who will not experience all that true Paleo has to offer, it also taints what it really is.

One of the most common places I see this occuring is in the world of sport.  I don't know many other Paleo triathletes other than myself and my husband.  Most seem convinced that 'mostly' Paleo is sufficient and that they "need" grains in order to fuel their performance.  Worse yet, they've tried Paleo that is not really Paleo and then their skepticism seems completely founded.

PLEASE, read Dr. Cordain's books, read our cookbook, read MY book (when it comes out next spring!: ) teach yourself what Paleo IS and IS NOT and THEN try it, completely, as in 100%, for a good length of time and THEN make a call for yourself.

DON'T judge unfairly when you don't even really know what you're judging!

OK, stepping down from soap box now…