Traveling Paleo

OK, so you’re traveling internationally, perhaps you don’t speak the language all that well and you can’t find organic kale or grass fed beef. Must you throw caution to the wind and opt for whatever you happen to encounter without even attempting to find something a bit healthier (and gluten, dairy & soy-free)? Nope. Not for a second. And while certainly, some countries’ cuisines are far more easy to adapt to Paleo standards (Mexico being one of them), it’s pretty rare for it to completely be a lost cause in most places. The image above reflects one incredibly easy way to modify a local fave without too much hassle: simply order fajitas without the typical toppings and ask for some lettuce in lieu of a tortilla.  Done. By following the tips below you’ll make the best possible situations become viable options and allow yourself to enjoy local food without paying for it later, in the worst sense of the word. • Research ahead of time what the place you’re going to is known for, any key restaurants you’re going to be sure to visit and which options make the most sense. Here, for example, it’s incredibly easy to order local grilled fish and a range of fresh veggies. It’s easier on you and easier on the chef compared to ordering a burrito with no cheese, no sour cream, no tortilla and no beans. • Learn some language. While you don’t need to become fluent overnight, being able to speak a few key phrases, such as ‘gluten-allergy’ will further heighten your chances of being able to order properly and partake without risk of being contaminated. • Bring some healthy options along with you. While I’m not suggesting you try brining a frozen side of beef in your checked baggage, there are some healthier-than-the-usual, travel friendly options that truly do come in handy in this tricky situation (travel). Stay tuned for more tomorrow on a few of my favorite products that are perfect for this! • Finally, plan accordingly if you are going to have a splurge and hopefully if you’re doing this, it’s something you’ve tested on its own after your 30 day 100% Paleo intro period. (Incidentally, I’d love it if everyone stayed here for the whole time, but client experience over the years has proved time and time again that there are different levels of Paleo-ness that suit different people and the bottom line is that even if you’re more Paleo than you used to be, you’re on the right path!) For me, eating something with gluten is never an option…never, simply because I’d rather not eat anything that I know will make me really, really sick. I’d prefer a chewy viscous glass of Cab as my indulgence. When you’re having this special little extra, balance out your macros during the day as well as activity to reflect it. If you’re having wine, simply be sure to load up even more on veggies and add some good protein and fat, cutting down on fruit for that meal as you’ll get enough sugar from the wine. See where I’m going? By staying on track during travel, you’ll actually be able to enjoy the whole trip more and maybe even come home a few pounds lighter, rather than getting ill and packing on a few.