Roasting A Whole Fish

While eating a nice, clean, deboned filet is far more 'neat' than eating a whole fish (the latter is, indeed, work as one needs to be cautious of avoiding eating pin-bones), the presentation of serving a whole fish is quite lovely.

In keeping with using a 'whole' animal, using the whole fish also allows one to use up the 'leftover bits' like head and eyes for things like stews and soups.

Many smaller fish lend themselves to this type preparation; below is just one example of such a dish:


Whatever fish you choose, preferably one that is wild and local and not endangered, you can try the following prep:

  • Preheat the oven to 425F
  • Choose whichever veggies you like – I used courgette, mushroom and tomato with some onion- and cut into equal size pieces
  • Douse your glass baking dish with olive oil and toss the veg around to ensure they're coated.
  • Place your fish on top, then add a bit more oil
  • Cook for roughly 15 minutes (check that internal temp is 160F- we're NOT doing sashimi here!)
  • I like to finish off with a quick broil to crisp up the skin
  • Serve with plenty of napkins- maybe even a bib as some find it most enjoyable to dig in a eat with their hands!