Greek Paleo

One of the simplest things is a Greek Salad- and the only thing you'll need to omit is the feta!

I prepare it by chopping up cucumbers, Kalamata Olives, fresh oregano, red onion and drizzling fresh lemon juice and olive oil all over the mixture, then putting in the fridge to chill.  Right before serving, I'll add chopped red tomato (you can omit if you follow the Auto Immune Paleo Plan) and stir well.  As I've mentioned before, refrigerating tomato causes it to become mushy and undesirable.

It's also within a Paleo Diet to have occasional lamb, given that you choose a lean cut.  Marinate in lemon, oregano, olive oil, cumin & chopped onion.  ( I sometimes saute the previous five ingredients, then whiz them in the food processor and THEN add the cubed lamb to marinate overnight.)  Thread onto wooden skewers (wrap the exposed wood in foil to prevent burning) and broil until done.

Finally, if you're near a Greek Specialty Store, (or if you're in Greece!)- try some Horta:

Saute garlic in olive oil (needless to say, but I'll say it anyway- choose one of the many fine options from Greece).  Add Horta (or, if you cannot procure that, use spinach, KALE, chard, collards; you get the idea!) for a quick saute.  Add chopped Kalamatas and drizzle with lemon right before serving.