Is Bacon Paleo?

It can be, depending on the source and the preparation.  

If you’re talking about the generic types you’ll find at most grocery stores, it’s probably not.  While pork is, of course, Paleo, sodium nitrate, sodium nitrite and many of the other additives that are often used in producing and curing bacon are not.

However, you can buy uncured bacon from pastured pork which is not only a far more humane purchase, but also completely Paleo.  Do your homework, though, and make sure you read all labels and ask questions of the vendor as even uncured bacon can sometimes be processed with salt.

I wouldn’t recommend having it every day, but on occasion, crumbled atop a salad, diced and mixed into some roasted Brussels sprouts or wrapped around a dried date, then broiled on a wire rack as an appetizer, a slice of natural bacon is quite tasty indeed!

Move over, Oscar Mayer!