Following The Paleo Lifestyle Does Not Mean You Don’t Support Animal Welfare

I’ve heard it many a time: ‘I think Paleo sounds interesting but I love animals so I’m a vegan’.

In fact, I lived that role for two full years when I followed a strict vegan diet as part of my own food/nutrition/eating path. Back then, I was black and white about my views…rigid, even.  It was my way or the highway.  I failed to even listen to other viewpoints as I continued along eating foods that were making me really sick (gluten, whole grains, legumes) along with health-promoting foods that I still eat today as part of my Paleo regime (loads of fresh, local produce and healthy fats from avocado, coconut oil and olive oil).

Over time, I began craving fish.  I would dream about it overnight, then wake with a start feeling guilty. I did my best to suppress it as long as I could, but ultimately, I caved and reintroduced fish, which I now refer to as the gateway protein.

How could I justify this?

By making the source from which I get all my protein is 100% reliable, ethical, local and humane in its approach to how it rears or hunts its animals.

Supporting the small farmers, ranchers and hunters that are doing their part to do things the right way is the only way to make a dent in the volume that the big, bad guys with nothing but financial gain as their motivation sells.

Boycotting all meat, even that which comes from said small ranchers and farmers, doesn’t actually help in the overall big picture because the prevalence of companies which raise their animals in inhumane conditions have no competition and everyone who wants animal proteins is left with no other alternatives but to keep buying from the Monsantos of the world.

Supporting 100% grass fed meat ranchers, pastured poultry famers and fisherman who catch wild fish certified as suitable by the Marine Stewardship Council, for one, is the one thing to hit the big guys where it hurts (in the wallet) and start to make a difference.

Supporting the humane treatment of animals does not mean one has to be vegan.

And remember, this is coming from a former die-hard vegan of two years that grew tired of being sick and let that be the impetus to seek the balance I now enjoy.

Food for thought…