Unexpected Progress

“I noticed that getting in and out of my car is a lot easier since we started working together,” remarked one of my private fitness training clients this morning.

While that wasn’t amongst his initial goals, which included losing some weight, trimming down on the belly a bit and taking his workouts up a notch,  all of which are coming to fruition, it’s always music to my ears when a client reports this type of improvement in the course of their day to day activity.

Just like when a client, who may not have realized they had a sensitivity to gluten, for example, tries the True Paleo regime with my guidance and discovers that their migraine headaches, rosacea and joint pain have somehow all magically been alleviated.

This is precisely why I’m so keen to encourage anyone who is even remotely interested in their health and well being to give True Paleo living a try.

So many are walking around in a state of subclinical illness, yet it’s become something that becomes the norm and as such, it’s not addressed.

Poor sleep quality, low energy levels, nagging back pain and a dull headache are experienced on a daily basis, yet it’s so common that people just assume it’s part of aging, or that’s simply the way things are.

Not true.

There’s no reason to settle.

Unless you can honestly say that you spring out of bed in the morning feeling filled with vibrant energy and a never ending joie de vivre, why not look at what you’re eating and see if there’s anything that could serve to be improved  upon?

Even if you’re not doubled over in pain after eating bread, it doesn’t mean gluten is helping you in any way.

And just because you don’t feel bloated after drinking a cup of milk, don’t assume that dairy is beneficial.

Give True Paleo a try and see if you don’t end up experiencing some unexpected positive changes, just like my client did this morning.

We’ve only got one body, so it’s my opinion that we’re best off treating it with utmost care and getting the most out of it!