A New Challenge – Paleo In A Feeding Tube

Last night I hosted a dinner for a lovely group of friends.  Nothing new, of course, except one caveat.. one of our guests has a feeding tube!

After receiving instructions from the cook who normally preps the food while our friend is at home, I went to work deciding what foods to make that would suit the proper consistency, volume and balance of (Paleo!) macro nutrients.

I choose poached chicken breast, boiled sweet potato, steamed broccoli and olive oil, with a little beef broth added in for texture.

I balanced it out appropriately for the caloric needs (which were given to me by the cook- 800), and calculated back to ensure the right amount of protein, fat and carbs.

Of course, I had to taste it myself just to make sure it was appealing and I was satisfied.

A quick puree in the blender after all had cooled, followed by a strain through cheesecloth and all was ready.

A tiny bit of nerves overcame me, I must say, as this was the first time I'd ever done a prep like this.

When the company arrived, our friend did have a few tins of a backup meal, just in case, but, in the end, they weren't needed.

The meal was a success and I was felt happy that I was able to accommodate!

Message- to whomever this might apply to, whether you're caring for someone who's temporarily, or permanently unable to eat normally, and consume solid foods, know that you needn't rely on pre made, canned drinks, such as Ensure and the like.  While I am NOT making medical claims and suggesting you deviate from doc's orders, at least entertain the idea that even in compromised situations, one can remain paleo!