Paleo Perfection?

What’s wrong with that?

Nothing, if you ask me.   I’ve been accused of being a perfectionist and  honestly, if making sure I do everything I can to avoid eating gluten, soy, dairy, and everything else that is not Paleo because if I don’t do so I’ll feel sick means it’s a fitting description, so be it.

I think it’s all about intention, and who the potential beneficiary is.

I see  no problem with approaching it this way for myself, and continuing to write about it from my perspective on my blog.   Certainly, readers can choose their own best fit; for some that means being kind of Paleo, for others, mostly Paleo and I have no judgement on what anyone else chooses to eat.

I just choose to remain clear about what True Paleo really is, and what it isn’t.

I thought it would be interesting to share some of the slip ups I made early on, after I posted yesterday about those which cause us to feel ill, but then create a new set of behaviors which, in essence, serve to keep us from eating any sneaky little culprits in the future.

Keep in mind, I was coming from a background of a blend of low fat/fat free plus vegan plus Zone plus ‘eat like an endurance athlete’.

Some of the mistakes I used to make include:

  • Throwing away the yolks and eating only egg whites.  Actually, I didn’t really throw them away but I didn’t eat them, my dogs did.   Heaven forbid eating something which is pure fat and cholesterol.  Little did I know…
  • Discarding the skin automatically from any and all proteins.  Salmon skin?  No way.  Chicken skin?  Not in a million years.  Oh, what I was missing!
  • Relying on raw nuts as a fat source, rather than the occasional garnish they’re meant to be, rather than focusing on Omega 3 rich fish oil as well as avocado and olive oil.   Talk about inflammatory!
  • Avoiding coconut oil because it was high in saturated fat.   And?  Man, did I miss out!

The point here is that we all have our journeys, our struggles and reasons to go Paleo.   Never in a million years would I parlay my own food choices forcefully on anyone or tell them off for eating something that’s not Paleo.  

I will, however, continue to write about True Paleo and refuse to budge when it comes to foods that don’t fit within the broad scope of Paleo, even if they used to, before they were refined, processed and whipped up into a batch of (pseudo) Paleo brownies.