Timeline for Paleo Christmas Day Dinner Prep

Good morning!

As many of you are, like me, getting lots of prep done today for tomorrow’s big dinner, I thought it might be helpful to post throughout the day what I’m doing for you to use as a guideline…

We’ll do our prep together – virtually!

Hopefully you’ve already gotten your shopping in and can get started on some of the dishes that are better done the day before so you’re not scrambling tomorrow.

On the agenda for today:

-Marinate or ‘brine’ turkey (skipping the salt bit except for those of you who are athletes…)

-Prepare Baked Paleo Stuffing (courtesy of our book, The Paleo Diet for Athletes)

-Prepare Yam, Apple & Pecan Casserole

-Prepare Mushroom Terrine

-Prepare Raw Kale Salad

This will all take place over a few hours of fun in the kitchen.   I’ve just gotten an offer I can’t refuse, too, from  my husband- who’s generously said he’ll be available to help with whatever I ask him to…always nice to have a sous chef on hand to help with mise en place!

With some organization and a schedule-, you’ll be in good shape, too…

First things first, though, time for a workout.   Heading out for a quick 2hr /40-ish miler on the bike,myself;  go get your sweat on and then keep checking for updates on the important stuff!