Paleoista Holiday Tip # 25: Don’t Shop on Empty

Just as you wouldn’t want to head to the grocery store when you’re so hungry you could eat a horse (using the reference in terms of quantity, not meat choice), heading to finish up your last minute holiday shopping when you haven’t eaten properly can also end in disaster.

Picture it:  you’ve been running around all day, dropping off the kids at school, heading to the office, getting in a quick workout on your lunch break and now you’re attempting to brave the shopping center in order to pick up those last few gifts.

Hmm…something’s missing, though.  What was it you’ve forgotten?  Oh, that’s right- you never ate lunch, nor did you have any snacks with you and now, at 5PM, you realize you’ve not eaten a thing since breakfast.

How do you supposed your gift selection and patience for dealing with fussy shoppers and cross store clerks is going to unfold?    In all likeliness, not too well.

Now, perhaps even more so than normal during this extremely hectic time of year, make sure you plan & pack your meals in advance to avoid this unfavorable scenario.

With a steady blood sugar level and a feeling of mental clarity, thanks to some balanced Paleo meals all day long, you’ll be far more likely not only to execute the gift procuring mission most efficiently, you might even enjoy it!

I, for one, certainly do!