How Much Yam Should I Eat Before A Workout?

Many of my clients ask this question; and it's easy to over think and get wrong!

While you can certainly find many recommendations for how many grams of protein and carb to consume pre training, you also need to follow what your body tells you.

Personally, years ago when I started following The Paleo Diet, I played around with quantities until I found what worked best for me, and then I tinker around with it based on several factors:

1) How long is my workout to come

2) How long did I train the day before

3) What was my dinner the night before

4) How intense is my session going to be

Using myself as an example again, the only time I'm regimented about taking in the requisite 4g CHO/kg body weight/ hour is DURING training.   (At 52 kgs, that translates to 208 kcals/hour, or roughly two carbohydrate gels for me per hour).

If I'm particularly hungry before a 100 mile ride or 50k run, I'll have a little bit more yam on the side of my homemade banana smoothie, pre workout.  If I'm only doing a short, fast session, I won't have yam.

Rather straightforward!

Learn to literally ' go with your gut'; try different amounts of Paleo-friendly yam and find your own best serving size!