Healthy Paleoista Holiday Tip of the Day: Go Faux

No- not faux Paleo…faux fur! One of the key reasons I was able to transition myself away from the vegan diet I followed for two years was that I learned the importance and distinction between just eating any meat or animal products versus eating ethically raised or wild animals. In actuality, I realized that if I were to boycott all of it, and lump the Monsantos into the same category as the local, small ranchers and farmers who are trying to do the right thing, I’d actually not be helping the cause by supporting those who are trying to do the right thing. Eating meat and supporting animal welfare are not two opposing things to do. So today, in honor of Faux Fur Friday, I’m reminded of  another example of this juxtaposition: fur. Eat meat, wear leather?  Eat meat, wear fur? What’s the balance? This certainly goes beyond the realm of what we eat in a True Paleo Regime. Sure, jokes abound that those of us who are women that follow Paleo are Wilma Flintstone by nature and that our male counterparts walk around in a loin cloth. Part of the core foundation of the Paleoista brand is to show that we actually don’t have to be ‘cavie’. And wearing furs, for me, goes beyond the fine balance. So, if you’re doing your holiday shopping and are mulling over that silky mink stole (maybe even as a gift for yourself), just have a quick think about it, where the fur came from and position it just like how you’d source your grass fed beef or pastured pork, or skip it all together.