Eat Your Guts!

Thinking it sounds gross to eat guts?

Well, if you’ve ever eaten sausage or hot dogs, chances are quite strong you’ve eaten them.

Liver is rich source of iron, B-12 and vitamin A, which helps support healthy eyes and skin, boost your immune system and produce red blood cells (1).  It also provides choline, copper, folic acid, B vitamins, purines and natural cholesterol

Organ meats from grass-fed animals are safe and rich in high quality amino acids, fat, B vitamins and B12, CoQ10, minerals, and “fat-soluble activators” (vitamins A, D and K), important for mineral absorption

They are also extremely high in natural vitamin A, which is crucial for your health and may even prevent birth defects; unlike synthetic vitamin A, you cannot become toxic from natural vitamin A (2).

Granted, it may take some time to allow your palate to adjust to the different flavor and texture of liver compared to something we see more often, such as a piece of wild salmon or a chicken breast, but allowing yourself to be stuck in a protein rut is no better than being stuck in a redundant pattern of any other type of food.

Make it easy on yourself and go with the easiest way to get organ meats in a delicious preparation; my own personal favorite is the liverwurst I buy from US Wellness Meats.

It’s so savory and with such a lovely mouthfeel, it’s one of the simplest ways to include eating organ meats into your regular regime.

Get up the guts to eat some… guts!