Are Alfalfa Sprouts Paleo?

I am happy to report that I have sparked my brother’s interest in Paleo, and he has started eating this way on Jan 1 in hopes of improving his health“, stated a blog reader a week or so ago.  She continued along to say, “He has lots of questions since he is just starting – one of which had me stumped. Are alfalfa sprouts Paleo? I know that of course Brussels sprouts are, and bean sprouts are not. But I was not sure about alfalfa sprouts, which he loves on his salad.  Aret they OK?

You may be surprised to learn the answer: no.

Alfalfa is actually a member of the legume family, thus high in those anti nutrient properties we try to avoid when following a True Paleo regime.

The upside is that there are so many other lovely foods to choose from that are Paleo friendly and that are true veggies, there’s no issue eliminating this one!