Thank You, Hu

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to eat lunch at what felt like something Paleo dreams are made of.

HU Kitchen, in NYC’s Union Square, is hands down, the most Paleo friendly place I’ve eaten at to date.

I’d been introduced to HU and its founders by a client months earlier, but hadn’t been in town to try their food for myself until this Valetine’s Day weekend.  Without being remotely ‘in your face’ Paleo (which would’ve been fine by me, but I could completely see how for those who aren’t Paleo, it might be a bit off-putting), it’s all about real, fresh, unadulterated food.

Their tag line says it all: Get Back to Human.  On their site, they state that one of the tenets of their philosophy is to create ‘unequivocally delicious food that also happens to be unprocessed and good for you.’

We went in after a long workout and therefore, with a big appetite.  Add to that the fact that I felt like a kid in a candy store and these two contributing factors meant I was going to have to sample at least a little bite of most of their offerings.

Free range roast chicken, cauliflower puree, sauteed kale and broccoli, Brussels sprouts and spaghetti squash all proved to be delicious, clean fuel that I could easily have had again for dinner and again today for lunch.

We perused their to go area as well and found such goodies as raw chocolate bars, dehydrated kale chips, and an all green smoothie to go.

If only I had any room left I would happily have partaken of their mash bar, a concept that HU founder Jordan explained to me stemmed from trips he used to take to Whole Foods after a workout to assemble ‘a little of this and a little of that’ (sounds like my own version of the concoctions I make!). Picture a Paleo version of a yogurt bar, but the bases are decadent options like coconut cream or raw chocolate pudding.

The icing on the proverbial Paleo cake is that the price point makes it welcoming to the student population living in and around the area.

Bottom line- this is a must-eat-at place for anyone Paleo, anyone interested in healthy eating, anyone interested in good food and anyone human!

Hats off to you, HU!  See you next time!