Get your season planned out- even if you’re not an athlete!

You've got to start somewhere!  We all had our 'first' 5k, or 'first' 1/2 marathon walk, or a 'first' anything!

Pick something, sign up and do it!  Make the commitment not only to yourself, but perhaps to a friend, co-worker, spouse or favorite charity, all of which will make your training and preparation all the more meaningful.

Start the positive momentum: the more you are dedicated to your fitness training, the more you'll want to eat healthy foods in a manner that helps promote you to keep getting better at the sport you've chosen, sleep better, recover properly and so on and so on!  It's a lovely upward, healthy spiral!

Have a look online- you'll find events in your area (and travel-worthy ones as well)- sign up and go!

You'll enjoy the process along the way as you get healthier, more fit, leaner and all that closer to being the best you yet!