A Makeover for Leftover Turkey

No need to feel compelled to do the same-old leftover turkey soup the day after Thanksgiving….or on Boxing Day, either!

Of course, it is an incredibly easy way to use up the leftovers, but depending on how much exactly is leftover, you could potentially be setting yourself and your family up for turkey-inundation, or a big waste of a bird!

Following are a just a few ideas of Paleo ways you can reinvent, or makeover, whatever remains after the feast:

  • Finely chop dark and white meat, add some olive oil, natural (no sugar added) dried cranberries, slivered almonds, black pepper and stir with a fork to combine, then top with turmeric & cumin.  Enjoy atop your favorite mixed green lettuce salad.     
  • Cut dark and white meat into strips, then throw into a saute pan filled with peppers, onions, garlic and olive oil.  Add some homemade broth, toss in some fresh cilantro and serve hot. 
  • There’s no problem with freezing some of it; portion into appropriate sizes (Family?  Solo?  You get the idea…) and freeze separately for easy defrosting.
  • Shred meat with a fork and scramble into an omelet with cage free, Omega 6 eggs and spinach.
  • Make a soup… but give it a new flavor profile by adding lime, tomato and chilies.

Play around with it and come up with your own signature ‘leftover Paleo Thanksgiving foods’ entree!