Finish Line Food

Oh, what a sore subject.

OK, I get it.  The idea of having an all Paleo finish line food area for athlete’s who’ve just competed an ironman, or a marathon or any race might be a pipe dream.

But how about at least offering a few healthier options than Domino’s Pizza and ice cream?  I wish I were kidding, but alas, that really is what is offered at the end of many an ironman race.

I can speak only for myself as when I say at the end of a long, grueling day, I really don’t fancy  eating something that’s going to make my stomach hurt after the fact like a glutenous, cheesy pizza.   My muscles and mind will have been pushed to the limit, so adding a horrible stomach ache is something I’ll pass on, please.

Given that there are some exceptions to this, such as the finish line at Hawaii 70.3 , where you actually can opt for a (bun-less)  burger and some fresh fruit, it’s not an impossibility to have a healthier menu for the athletes. 

Here in Hawaii, offering some of the beautiful, local produce would be easy, quick and a great way to support local famers.  How nice would it be to have the choice of some pineapple, mango, baby bananas  and fresh coconut water as they are, or even whizzed into a smoothie?

At least to have the option!

Ah… guess I’ll keep dreaming!