Mixed Nuts- Make Your Own!

After a recent post I did last week about trail mix, I did a bit more research into what's out there for pre-made nut mixtures.

Worse than I suspected, it was extremely hard to find anything that was simultaneously free of peanuts, peanut oil AND soybean oil, even at my favorite, local Whole Foods!

While there are online sources that you might rely on, it's actually quite simple (and cost effective) to make your own.

If you purchase a combination of your favorite nuts, toss them with a bit of canola oil (and add some of your favorite salt-free spices, if you like, as well) and toast them at 400 for about 10 – 15 minutes, stirring once or twice.   

Keep in mind that walnuts and macadamia nuts have the best Omega 3:6 ratios (3s being the good, anti inflammatory fats; 6s being inflammatory), while almonds contain almost none of the healthy Omega 3s!   

To clarify- this does not mean you cannot eat them, just that you should do so in small amounts and keeping  in mind the need to balance out the fats with other sources.  For  example, after the nuts have cooled, toss them with a bit of freshly ground flax seeds, to help bring the mixture closer to a favorable Omega 3:6 ratio.