Sometimes the Obvious is Unspoken

Several years ago, my husband took me on a trip to Paris, when we’d first  begun dating.  

 One of the little places we popped into for a casual lunch served lovely fresh salads consisting of locally sourced proteins on a bed of lettuce with a simple herb dressing.

My husband, fluent in French, spoke at length with the server about how delicious the meal was and she happened to mention that it was completely organic, but added it as an afterthought as though it was hardly worth mentioning.

Not because being organic is unimportant; rather it was because it was assumed it was obvious that it was organic because…why wouldn’t it be?

I loved that approach and couldn’t agree with it more.

Why should’t all our food be organic?   How have we gotten to a place where what should be the norm is so far away from the norm that when we do come across it, it needs to be labeled?   

Imagine if we keep going down this route and get to a point where all of our food is packaged for longer shelf life and has to be labeled for what was once obvious?  Like ‘Red Apple’ or ‘Green Lettuce’.

Makes me cringe.

What can we do?

Support those who are doing the right thing and create a situation where the demand for the poor quality food decreases.  

Those who are in a position to do a little more might consider paying things forward in the form of funding a local high quality food drive for others in their area who cannot afford it or getting involved in the community in whichever way they can so that everyone can have access to real, fresh, whole, organic food.

We’ve all got to do our parts and make change and stop the cycle before it gets violently worse.