Great Food, Wrong Place

I just arrived in Hawaii and was reminded of something that’s rather odd, yet all too common:  foods that we demand being available to us in places they’d not typically be found.

We enjoyed a lovely breakfast yesterday, consisting of Waimea spinach and mixed lettuces, fresh fish, pineapple and mango, all from the buffet bar (nice to have such Paleo friendly options).   

Of course, there were also the typical buffet offerings of pastries, bagels and breads, which are easy enough to pass right by without even a second thought.

But there, among the beautiful display of fresh local fruit, were berries (which we found out had come from Oregon), apples (from Washington) and oranges (from Florida).

As far as healthy, fresh options, all of those fruit are great choices, and completely Paleo… but given the bounty of what grows right here on the island, why do we need to have all these other fruits flown in from thousands of miles away?

The same thing goes at dinner- where we can choose local Opah or Mahi Mahi…yet if we wanted, we could also select beef from California.

We really need to think twice about what we’re eating, even beyond whether or not something is a healthy choice for our bodies, but whether it’s a healthy choice for the planet!