The Cherimoya

I do practice what I preach, and so when I suggest to clients that they 'try a new fruit and/or veg each week', it's based on something I do myself!  One of the many beauties of The Paleo Diet is that we can enjoy such a multitude of fresh fruits and veggies, one needn't ever get bored with eating the same old thing, time and again!

Yesterday, while food shopping, I found what some would consider to be an 'exotic' fruit, the Cherimoya.  Once again, I acknowledge that we're spoiled here in SoCal, as these fruits actually grow  locally, so one needn't purchase at the high cost of a huge carbon footprint, were they coming from New Zealand to the states, for example!


Rich in Vitamin C, Calcium and Niacin, they're lovely to as is for a snack, chopped up into a sweet and sour salsa with tomato and lime or whizzed into a salad dressing.

If it's local to you, give it a try.  Worse case scenario= you might not like it, so guess what? You never have to buy it again!  Chanced are slim, however, of that happening, I'd be willing to wager!