Can I Use Almond Flour to Bake?

Well- what do you want to bake?

And, is it just ground almonds, or is it flour with almonds added in, similar to 'spinach fettucini', which is pasta that has a green hue due to a piece or two of spinach that got thrown into the mix!?

Part of the idea of eating A Paleo Diet is to get away from the notion that baked goods have any place in a healthy human diet.  If you're looking for a thickener, then almond meal that you've ground yourself may very well be a good replacement.

Looking for something to replace All Purpose Flour in what you are trying to convert from Grandma's Banana Bread into some Paleo concoction?   Maybe not!

While I'm all for coming up with interesting food combinations, I do encourage readers to get away from the idea of needing 'sweet' treats other than choosing a nice ripe summer peach or a crisp Red Delicious Apple.

Remember that food is fuel, and while it should also ideally be tasty, pretty to look at and healthy, the main reason we are eating it is to supply nutrients to our bodies.   

Going for something like a frozen banana topped with cinnamon or some sliced berries with mint will not only provide you with a touch of natural sweetness, it will also give you some nutrition.

Think about that next time you consider inflicting a dried-out, over baked mixture of flour (even if it is gluten free), sugars and other processed bits…. reminds me of a post I did not long ago comparing a play-doh recipe to a bread recipe.  Not much difference between the two.  Yum!

Go have an apple!