Paleoista Approved- Fruit at the Finish Line

What a nice surprise I had this morning.   My husband and I popped into a local 1/2 marathon, the NYC Runs Father’s Day Race, and guess what they had there?

Yes, they had the typical Gatorade on the course and the post-race bagels (incidentally, even if I weren’t Paleo, the idea of a dry, chewy bagel after a long effort when my stomach is in my throat and I’m rather dehydrated, I still don’t think I’d want that!)…but they also had fresh, organic strawberries, grapes, apples and bananas!

Now, how hard is that?

Interesting to note that it seemed to be a smaller type of a race, certainly without big name sponsors, so you have to wonder whether that plays a role.

I recall one year at the Seattle Marathon, where the title sponsor was some sort of a milk distributor, that’s what they served at the finish.  Yes, cartons of milk.


Whether you’re a new participant doing your first 5k, or a seasoned marathon runner, make it a point to commend those races where the good, real food is offered.   If we let them know how much we appreciate it, they’re far more likely to keep it up!