Cheers! A Christmas Day Toast (And Not The Bread Kind!)

While we Paleos certainly don't make it a habit to partake of boozy drinks with any regularity, it's nice to have an option that's not uber-sweet, but still festive and something that guests would enjoy to have on Christmas Day rather than… a glass of water in a Santa Mug.

Pomegranate, to me, is a fruit to utilize in such a drink concoction as it's seasonal, festive looking and fun to use in many different creations.

Rather than following a typical Pomegranate Martini recipe, for example, which would call for  sugary liqueurs like Cointreau or Grand Marnier, keep it simple and clean by using some sparkling water (I prefer Voss or Peligrino), a splash of vodka for guests who prefer it, and just the tiniest hint of freshly squeezed pomegranate juice for colour, finished off with a few edible pomegranate seeds and an small piece of orange zest for presentation.  


Shake briefly with ice to chill, then serve in a martini glass, and enjoy the special treat!

Significantly lower in calories than many other 'Christmas Drink Options', yet festive and still Paleo.