Oh, Dear, I’ve Gone Wild Again

This time, it was antelope.  Oh, dear God, these fillets were to die for!   They were so good that I felt guilty enjoying the leftovers all by myself and not sharing with my husband.  Well, not that guilty, since he ate two the night before.  OK, that’s another topic!

I created a pan sauce, even though I’m typically not a saucy person, but it came as a recommendation from the wild meat vendor, and it was easy to Paleoize by swapping out the butter for olive oil, so why not?

I sauteed olive oil with minced shallots and garlic, threw in some red wine, some beef broth and a tablespoon each of fresh thyme & tarragon.  I let it reduce over medium until it was thick and syrupy.

I lightly peppered the antelope fillet, then simply broiled it for two minutes per side until it was medium rare.

I took the fillets out of the oven,  poured the sauce atop the fillets on a platter, tented with foil for about ten minutes while I chopped and quickly steamed some broccolini and… oh, my good heavens!  This was another to-die-for meal filled with Paleo goodness!