Food Addiction – It’s CHEMICAL – So GO PALEO

A really interesting article in this month's issue of triathlete magazine discusses the topic of the chemical component of 'food addiction'.  

There's a hook at the very beginning of the article which gets straight to the point: " Chemically treated and refined sugary foods, which are readily available as fast foods or packaged foods, can trigger a response in the brain similar to that from drugs such as cocaine and herion".

It goes on to explain that "rich, sweet or fatty foods stimulate the release of dopamine, the neurotransmitter associated with the pleasure center of the brain" and… here it is:

"Other foods that could trigger a food addiction include the proteins found in wheat gluten and milk".

So, even if you're not making daily stops at McDonald's or eating potato chips by the pound, simply eating two non Paleo foods could be doing you in, in a big way! 

Click HERE to read the full article.